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About IIT

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (“IIT”) is a Private Foundation established by the State, that aims to promote excellence in basic and applied research and foster the development of the national economic system. 

IIT operates in four Research Domains (RDs): Robotics, Nanomaterials, Technologies for Life Science, and Computational Sciences, with a distinctive multidisciplinary approach to the pursuit of excellence. 

IIT’s staff comprises around 1890 people, of which about 50% come from abroad, from over 60 countries worldwide, with an average age of 35 and 42% of the staff are women.

IIT staff have generated more than 15000 scientific publications, over 200 active European projects, and 50 ERC projects, more than 1000 patents, 27 start-ups (with several more business ideas in development).

The Institute comprises four large Centers in Genoa and additional 11 Centers across Italy (in Turin, two in Milan, Trento, Rome, two in Pisa and Pontedera (PI), Naples, Lecce, Ferrara, and Venice) and two outstations abroad in the USA (MIT and Harvard).

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