GeNiUS 2021 

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17:30 -18:30 h



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15.00 -18.30 h


15.00 -18.30 h


15.00 -18.30 h
15.00 -18.30 h


15.00 -18.30 h



15.00 -18.30 h


15.00 -19.00 h

Opening Application Date

Informative Online Session

It is an informative online session for those students from the University of Genoa and the University of Nice who are interested in applying to the HTE GeNiUS program. Students get the chance to meet the researchers involved in HTE GeNiUS and ask them questions about their technologies during this meeting.The HTE GeNiUS staff will be available as well to answer questions about the program organization.

Deadline Application Date

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Kick-Off HTE GeNiUS2021

The first interaction between students and researchers, IIT and external partners. A special opportunity to extend your network and foster new friendships. During the second part of this event, our Design Thinking experts provide an intro about Design Thinking and user research.


Needfinding Process

An innovation makes sense when it meets someone's needs, be it an organization, a company or consumers. Through design thinking, the teams switch their focus from the technology, to people. Design Thinking is the pillar of this process. It is an approach invented at the University of Stanford which is adopted to empathize with the stakeholders through on field research, and to design a solution concept which can truly satisfy people unmet needs.


Business Strategy 

Start-up viability isn't just about revenues and expenses, it is much more related to strategy. During this workshop, the participants design their business model through the Business Model Canvas and Lean canvas methodologies.


IP Strategy & Patenting 

An IP strategy helps entities manage their intangible assets (patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights) in a way that aligns with their overall business strategy and goals. Developing the right intellectual property strategy depends on an organization's several variables.


People Management 

Organization and people choices are integral part of product/service/business choices. In addition, effective organizational techniques may leverage accelerating technologies. In this session we will overview people management and raise attention on organizational architecture of your start-up ventures.


Money Management 

The financial strategy of an entity is essentially concerned with procurement and utilization of funds. The basic purpose is to ensure an adequate and regular supply of funds fulfilling the present and future requirements of the business enterprise.



Running a startup project leads the need of knowing how to pitch your business. Even if you’re not planning to pursue funding, having a solid elevator pitch ensures that you know your business inside and out. Which comes in handy if or when you eventually decide to seek out investment.

@Genoa, UniGe

Final Pitch!

At the end of the program, you will have the opportunity to pitch your business in front of Angel Investors, VCs and many other potential partners. Grab the opportunity to let them know you!

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